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Bilingual IT Concierge

Special service only for contracted customers


What is IT Concierge

NetGration has been able to learn the spirit of hospitality through long-term relationships with customers in the hotel industry.

Hotels and IT! Even though the business is different, as long as there are people involved, the important things do not change.

Hotels are thoroughly pursuing the composition of hospitality, comfort, convenience as a starting point of action.

We wanted to implement this in NetGration's IT Services, so our IT Concierge Service was born.

For example, we can answer questions like these

I want to easily check schedules, work details & procedures on my smartphone

I want to automatically synchronize files on two PC’s

I want to centrally manage the ever-increasing number of IDs & Passwords (credentials)

I have a strange problem which is difficult to explain, can you please investigate it & suggest a solution

I would like you to recommend a PC for 3D games for personal use

Looking for a convenient device or solution that can be taken on my travels

I'm using LINE on an Android & want to be able to send photos

Are there any recommended speakers for listening to an iPod at home

I want video conferences to be automatically transcribed

I want to participate in a video conference with my smartphone

feedback A

Communicating in English about the company business is completely different from trying to explain complicated IT topics in English, so I really appreciate your help in providing that bridge. I feel confident in leaving issues in your hand. I'm busy with my own tasks, so it’s very nice to be able to feel free to ask questions about IT.

feedback B

I was able to consult about the system aspects of the Digital Storage Law. Also, I was confused when I was instructed by Head Office to change the security policy, I consulted & had everything explained to me in an easy-to-understand manner. It's very convenient to be able to ask questions right away, moreover, it was very nice to have a friendly consultant.

feedback C

With more work from home & having to use smartphones and tablets more I was having trouble as I couldn't use the apps very well. It was great that I could get help with every little thing. Apart from IT, the other day I asked about Japanese souvenirs for the children of executives that were visiting from Head Office & got some great suggestions.

customer's comments

Our Advantage

NetGration's strong points

Stay in direct contact with your Head Office

NetGration is able to provide bilingual services for anything from system design to reporting, tailor made to client needs.
Using our bilingual skills we are able to make contact directly with your Head Office IT staff to ensure that corporate standards are adhered to as far as possible and relieve your local staff from having to translate technical details.
This allows a smoother process and eliminates miscommunications.

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