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NetGration's services

Bridge between Japan and Head Office
IT Professional Services

We act as your IT Manager providing services in English & Japanese making contact directly with your IT Department at Head Office to provide a seamless service.

In addition to regular IT support, we customize services to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

The environment surrounding IT is constantly changing. We are constantly updating & offer services that are flexible and meets the needs of our customers in English & Japanese.

We also work on the optimization of IT infrastructure and propose solutions that have a good balance between effectiveness and cost.


Hardware & Software Procurement

Third Party Management

Virus Protection

Security Countermeasures

​System Analysis & Reinforcement


Outsourcing Services

Smartphone Support

Remote Work Support




Quality Gigabit Internet Environment


A special service for contract customers only

Stay in direct contact with your Head Office

NetGration is able to provide bilingual services for anything from system design to reporting, tailor made to client needs.
Using our bilingual skills we are able to make contact directly with your Head Office IT staff to ensure that corporate standards are adhered to as far as possible and relieve your local staff from having to translate technical details.
This allows a smoother process and eliminates miscommunications.

Our Advantage

NetGration's strong points

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