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Hardware & Software Procurement

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​System Analysis & Reinforcement

Based on the achievements of many years of supporting International Companies, we can provide secure and smart solutions.

In recent years there has been a trend towards cloud computing. Various issues related to language and location are known to exist in that field.

Please leave the various issues that foreign-affiliated companies are likely to face to us.


Hardware & Software Procurement

NetGration can provide our clients with the Hardware and Software that they need relieving them of the problem of dealing with multiple vendors. It often requires a lot of technical knowledge to know what to ask the vendors for and decipher the quotations to be sure that you are getting the right items for your system. As NetGration deals with all of these items it takes a huge weight off our clients shoulders so that they can focus on their business and not waste resources in this area. Often requested products are from;

Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, etc.

Third Party Management

NetGration can arrange for Electrical Cabling, LAN Cabling, Telephone Systems, repairs, etc., with NetGration communicating & coordinating directly with the Service Companies.

We take care of all of the technical issues and manage the implementations.


Virus Protection

Malware is a general term for programs with malicious intent and is classified into three types according to form and proliferation.

1. Virus, always parasitic and self-propagating

2. Worm, works alone and self-propagates

3. Trojan horse, disguised & does not self-propagate.


We deal with these in various ways.

The main methods are;

1. Installation and monitoring of antivirus software

2. Blocking main infection routes, explaining & educating end users

3. In case of infection we provide malware cleaning services

Security Countermeasures

We can implement various solutions for the likes of malware prevention, attack prevention, application and device control and centralized system management.

We also give advice at the operational level against potential threats. We are always researching the latest threats so that quick action can be taken to avoid problems.

System Analysis & Reinforcement

We analyse the system for weak points and then create a proposal to secure and make a stable environment.

In particular, our consultants are familiar with international environments & work closely with Head Office & Regional Offices to provide a smooth & effective business environment.

Stay in direct contact with your Head Office

NetGration is able to provide bilingual services for anything from system design to reporting, tailor made to client needs.
Using our bilingual skills we are able to make contact directly with your Head Office IT staff to ensure that corporate standards are adhered to as far as possible and relieve your local staff from having to translate technical details.
This allows a smoother process and eliminates miscommunications.

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